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Marking System in SSB Interview: This blog is especially dedicated to all the defence aspirants who have been selected for SSB Interview round or would like to get selected and clear it. We often get inquiries regarding SSB Marking System, so today we are going to know what is the marking system in SSB and complete procedure of Marking Scheme At SSB Interview.

Services Selection Board (SSB) conducts Personality Test for candidates aspiring to join the Indian Armed Forces and It Is not like any examination wherein, you have to score to pass. All things considered, It Is the method of assessing your personality traits, This Includes more to It. for example, Your Upbringing and Social Environment, Routine Behavior, How You Handle Various Tasks In Life And How Much You Want To Improve It. In this way, checking Your Personality In Totality. In this way, It Is important to focus on the SSB Marking Schemes.

It Is important for defence aspirants to imbibe the 15 Officer Like Qualities, Leadership Quality And Other Important Personality Traits In Routine Behavior And Lifestyle. As It Takes Time To Change The Personality. These attributes along with other Important personality traits are assessed In SSB Interview rounds.

Marking System in SSB Interview: Most effective method to Check SSB Marks

With regards to SSB Marking System. There Are Three Assessors, Wherein Each Will Assess From 300 Marks I.E. Medical Test, GTO (Group Task) And Personal Interview (PI). One has to Score Minimum 90 From Each Assessor. The total marks of SSB Is 900. It Is Further Divided Into 4 Parts ( Psychology, GTO, Interview And Conference Round) I.E 900/4= 225 Marks for each Test Phase. Out Of This 225 marks, You need to get Minimum 90 marks to get A "Yes" from either of the assessors and getting less than 90 marks simply means "No".

During First, 4 Days of SSB interview Includes Screening, Psychological Tests, GTO Tasks And Personal Interview. In this way, The minimum marks you would be required to pass Is 90*3= 270 marks. For Example -

1) One Candidate Gets 80 marks In Interview Round, 70 In GTO Round And 75 In Psychology. The Total Comes To 225 marks.

2) Another candidate gets a total of 250 out of minimum of 270 marks required. Thus, Now Comes The Importance of Conference Round. In the event that Your Marks Are More Than 240, Conference round would decide whether you would be recommended or not.

Complete Procedure Of Marking Scheme of SSB Interview

Accordingly, This means the first candidate discussed above will have no chance to get recommended. The SSB board has Backup Marks Of 225 And They would after that In Conference Round start questioning on the points, they found you weak. In the event that they find you are fit, They would give you marks to make a sum total 360 and above from the previous 240 (marks As Mentioned Above). So As you get 360 marks (90X4), You get minimum passing marks. Furthermore, you get finally recommended.

In the Psychology Test If an Assessor is in doubt about the assessment of a candidate then he can consult other Assessor. The Option Of taking a Second Opinion Is unavailable to The GTO Or The IO because he has to assess a candidate OLQs as He Performs.

In an event that one Is Recommended By Two Assessors and borderline for the third or get then a Review is done during Conference. In any case, If one is not found suitable by Psychologist then He or She Is not recommended at all.

On the day of Conference, All These Pieces of Puzzle of your personality Is put together and checked whether the candidate is fit to be an Armed Forces Officer Or Not. Hence, the best way to score well is to train your mind. The selection process at The SSB Is based on techniques, Which Aims at Assessing the Individual In the Context of the requirements of the defence forces. Consequently, Prepare For Each Phase Of SSB And Practice Hard.