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Tips to Prepare For SSB Interview - SSB Interview Coaching in Allahabad

In Trishul Defence Academy we runa 14 days SSB Capsule Class so that SSB Interview Practice can be given to The Aspirants however we suggest following things to be done For Students who are Preparing for SSB Interview.

1. Do Self Analysis

Answer the following – how long do you have before the interview, and how much time do you need? How much effort and time are you willing to put in? What are your abilities and talents? Based on your answers, create a plan that works for you.Know Your Strengths ,Your Weaknesses,Your Hobbies.

2. Learn About The SSB

Know exactly what sort of testing the SSB does, right from the Screening to the Psychological Tests to the GTO to the Personal Interview and finally COnference. Learn the Latest Techniques at Trishul Defence Academy, the perfect place for preparation of SSB Coaching in Allahabad.

3. Get Fit

Fitness testing is important to the SSB. As a defence forces aspirant, we’re sure your fitness level will already be good. However, do more workouts, running and weightlifting so that you’re in peak form before the interview.

4. Improve Your General Awareness

Start clipping news articles on the latest national and international political scenario. Look up For Current Affairs at Youtube Channel of Trishul Defence Academy .By following Current Affairs you would be knowing about the Latest Trends of Questions asked in Current Affairs

5. Work On Your Self-awareness

Do you know yourself in depth? Write down everything you know about yourself and your family. Make a list of your positives, negatives, failures, achievements, hobbies, interests and so on.

6. Time Yourself

Download and test yourself on PPTs online for Situation Reaction Test (SRT), Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) and Word Association Test (WAT). Remember, psychological tests in SSB are time bound to increase pressure on you.

7. Practice Public Speaking

Grab the newspaper and start reading in front of your family. Or, take up a topic and give a lecture to them. Watch other public speakers online and take cues from them. You can learn a lot by watching how professionals conduct themselves on the dais in front of an audience.


Apart from the above, we would suggest you read about armed forces hierarchy, commands, and recent achievements and so on. Each night, write down a summary of the things you have learned and create a list for the next day. Keep working at it and you will clear SSB interview with full marks. One of the best tips we can give you is to join Best SSB Interview Coaching in Allahabad such as Trishul Defence Academy and they will help you professionally to face the SSB Interviews.

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