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SSB Interview

SSB interview process is a compulsory stage to be passed by each candidate who wishes to become an officer in Indian Armed Forces. SSB interview is a cycle of different testing activities that ranges more than five days and is directed by three distinct officials for example Interview Officer (IO), a Group Testing Officer (GTO) and a Psychologist Officer.

At Trishul Defence Academy- India’s best Defence coaching, the classes for SSB Interview runs under the guidance of Col. Pankaj Mehrotra (Ex-NDA, Ex-Interviewing Officer).

Trishul Defence Academy's Best SSB Course structure is conceptualized by It's Founder "SSB Guru" Late Wing Cdr.Anoop Mehrotra who himself was an Ex-NDA and Ex-GTO Officer.

With over 18 years of experience and record success legacy Trishul Defence Academy has been producing the best results in SSB Interviews at India level.

The Schedule of the Classes is as Below

Day 1 Introduction to SSB and Officer Like Qualities -OLQ's
Day 2 Psychological Test -Story Writing (TAT)
Day 3 Psychological Test -Story Writing (TAT)
Day 4 Psychological Test -Word Association Test (WAT)
Day 5 Psychological Test -Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
Day 6 Self Description Test
Day 7 Verbal / Non-Verbal Reasoning & PPDT Screening
Day 8 GTO Ground Visit
Day 9 Group Testing-Group Discussion
Day 10 Group Planning Exercise + Group Discussion
Day 11 Progressive Group Task (Model)
Day 12 Balance of Group Testing
Day 13 Interview Technique
Day 14 PPDT Practice
Day 15 GTO Ground Visit

SSB Interview Courses @ Trishul

Duration Course Name Form Fee Course Fee Total Fee
14 Days SSB Parakaram/ TDASSB001 ₹ 1050 ₹ 11500/-(GST Included)

  • Day 1 of SSB Interview begins with Screening Test.
  • The Screening test comprises of Reasoning test, OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) test & PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test).
  • At Trishul Defence Academy, preparation for OIR, PPDT, Reasoning are given by our experts via digital Smart Board.
  • Screening Test classes taken by Col. Pankaj Mehrotra Sir (Ex-NDA, Ex-Interviewing Officer, Deputy President-SSB), who himself served as a cross-trained psychologist officer in 19 SSB Board Allahabad.


  • Second day of the interview i.e. Psychological test includes TAT (Thematic Appreciation Test), WAT (Word Association Test), SDT (Self Description Test) and SRT (Situation Reaction Test).
  • Classes for Psychological Test are taken by our Expert Officers.
  • Preparation for WAT and TAT via projector enabled classes.
  • Separate classes for SDT preparation.
  • Assignments with 100 + Questions based on different situations for preparation of situation reaction test (SRT).


  • SSB Interview –Third & Fourth Day includes – (GTO) Group Tasks conducted by GTO covering nine different tasks.
  • GTO classes run under the guidance of SSB Guru Col. Pankaj Mehrotra Sir (Ex-NDA, Ex-Interviewing Officer, Deputy President-SSB).
  • Conduction of regular classes for Lecturette and Group Discussions .
  • Various Group Tasks runs at Trishul’s dedicated GTO ground situated at Phaphamau with full commutation facility.
  • Training for each obstacle for Group task under mentorship of Wing Cdr.Anoop Mehrotra Sir. Ten Obstacles included are : Single Ramp, Double Barrel, Balancing Beam, Screen Jump, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Swing, Double Platform Jump, Double Ditch, Commando Walk, Tiger Leap.

Classes Backed By Defence Faculty

  • Personal Interview Programme puts central focus on enhancing communication skills of aspirants. This programme help students to improve their English Communication skills so that they can communicate effectively in various situations and will also help them to face the SSB Interview confidently.
  • SSB personal interview mock sessions is taken by the Interviewing Officer.
  • Classes on personal Interview is taken by Col. Pankaj Mehrotra sir who served as an Interviewing Officer in many SSB Boards- Bhopal & Allahabad
  • Interview sessions are thorough and output oriented.
  • Mock Interviews taken by Col. Pankaj Mehrotra Sir.

These practice sessions are broad, result arranged and are directed by exceptionally experienced Ex-defence Officers. It like wise incorporates a tutoring program that has been regulated to advise them on key perspectives that they need to concentrate in order to turn into a successful officer in future.

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