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To become a commissioning officer in the Indian Armed Forces, one must pass the five-day SSB interview process. An applicant must face an SSB interview if they want to serve in the Indian Armed Forces. The SSB Interview is an examination that evaluates a person's officer-like qualities. The SSB interview process consists of two stages:

1. The initial stage is screening, which takes place in one day.
2. Stage 2 includes a psychological test,GTO Test and Interview

SSB coaching is offered by the Trishul Defence Academy in both online and offline mode. For those students searching for the best SSB coaching in Delhi, this article is for you. The best SSB coaching in Delhi is at Trishul Defence Academy because:

1. A Reputed Name in SSB Coaching : Wing Commander Anoop Mehrotra, an alumni of the NDA 60th Course and fighter pilot for the Indian Air Force, founded Trishul Defence Academy. He held the position of GTO officer with both the Army Board and the Indian Air Force Service Selection Boards. Trishul Defence Academy was founded in 2003, and since then, the Indian Armed Forces have received more than 570 officers from them

2. Classes led by the SSB Board's deputy president : In 2021, Wing Commander Anoop Sir tragically died of COVID. Col. Pankaj Mehrotra, a 59th course NDA veteran and the deputy president of the Service Selection Board of Army, is enrolled ifor SSB Classes. He mentors and attends classes in SSB batches.He was the InterviewingOfficer with Service Selction Board

3. GTO Training with Col. Dutta :Col. Dutta, a former GTO from the Kapoorthala Board, teaches GTO classes at Trishul Defence Academy. He serves as a mentor to the GTO Section. SSB coaching is provided by former interviewers and GTOs who oversaw the Indian Army's Kapoorthala Board at Trishul Defence Academy. Trishul Defense Academy is the best SSB coaching in Delhi because it includes former accessors

4. Frequent Practicing Level 1 -Testing and Screening :We make sure to offer enough practise for Stage 1 testing in both offline and online SSB coaching. Officer Intelligence Rating Test and PPDT Practice Are Done Regularly to Increase the Chances of Being Screened in

5. Individual Mock Interview Session : Col. Pankaj Mehrotra, a former interviewing officer, conducts one-on-one personal mock interviews for all students registered in both the online and offline SSB coaching at Trishul Defence Academy making it one of the best SSB coaching in Delhi.

6. Classes That Follow a Schedule : Only when a proper schedule is provided for the course can classes be successful. Students at Trishul Defence Academy are given a suitable timetable and a suitable batch for both offline and online sessions. Students are divided into batches according to a set class schedule. The Coaching by WhatsApp Group is still accessible to students. After 24 hours, live classes can be accessed offline. Students who use the internet infrequently choose Trishul Defense Academy's best SSB coaching in Delhi, which offers both offline and online courses.

Every applicant who wants to join the Indian Armed Forces as an officer must pass the SSB interview procedure. A group testing officer, an interviewing officer, and a psychologist are the three separate authorities in charge of the SSB interview, which is a cycle of various testing activities that last for five days.

Trishul Defence Academy has been delivering the finest outcomes in SSB Interviews at the India level with over 18 years of expertise. If you're looking for the best SSB coaching in Delhi, join Trishul Defence Academy to increase your chances of getting recommended.

With all these first-rate amenities, Trishul Defence Academy has emerged as Delhi's premier SSB training facility. Visit our official website now for more details!