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Do’s & Dont’s In SSB Interview 2021 

Do’s & Dont’s In SSB: SSB interview brings a big challenge for the candidates in the NDA or CDS exam. Due to being nervous in this 5-day interview, students make many big mistakes. Because of which they are rejected. Today in this blog we will tell you about 3 similar mistakes that most candidates repeat. Also, we will show you ways to avoid these mistakes.

1. To be aggressive/nervous on questions related to personal life

The process of 5 days of SSB interview comes at a time when the candidates have rapid-fire tests. In this, the interviewing officer asks questions related to the personal life of the participants. The purpose of which is to check their individual’s mental state. 

But it is often that after listening to questions related to personal life, students start taking an aggressive stance and raise their voice in response. Let us explain to you that the officer who takes the interview is knowledgeable of body language. 

They notice the attitude of the candidates. Conversely, students also feel shy and nervous on personal questions. Because of this, they start giving wrong answers in panic. This interview is very important, you have to be neutral in it.

2. Mistakes during screening test

The first stage in the SSB interview is the screening test. In the first step, candidates make mistakes, which results in rejections. When you pass the written exam of NDA or CDS you are sent for reporting. You must arrive at the scheduled time and place for reporting. Where your screening test will take place. This test is done in 2 ways. The first is the OIR test. There is a test of your officer intelligence. After this your PP & DT test, students make the most mistakes here. Following are some of these mistakes:

  • Demanding the picture to be shown again if it is not decoded.
  • Think of something else instead of watching it carefully for 30 seconds.
  • Writing a story on a high.
  • Understand the first stage and write the answer lightly.

3. Dressing and Sitting Wrongly

SSB interviews last 5 days. During this time students have to face many situations. Candidates can be called for personal interview any day in 5 days. Here the interviewing officer asks you direct questions. Most students dress incorrectly in panic. 

Male candidate must be in shirt pants tie. Apart from this, when students sit in front for the interview, they keep the position of waist or back incorrectly. They sit down or become crooked. It is very important to learn the right way for the interview. So that you do not have a negative impression. Keeping these few things in mind, you should go for SSB interview. You have to avoid small mistakes. During this time, you should work with a calm mind and patience. Do’s & Dont’s In SSB are a must and a candidate must know and follow it.